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New Vision Trust Company helps private funds and organizations meet Custody Rule requirements.

Many issuers of private funds have elected to use an independent, qualified custodian to meet such requirements.

But even those exempt from the rule often involve a qualified custodian to add a degree of separation and level of transparency and accountability required by institutional and ultra-high net worth clients.

New Vision Trust Company provides the following ongoing custodial services:

  • Monitor, maintain and/or dispose of custodial assets as directed by the client.
  • Keep timely and accurate records of deposits, disbursements, investments, reinvestments and other applications of custodial assets.
  • Prepare, maintain and deliver statements to the fund and its underlying investors.
  • Cooperate with fund auditors as required to verify assets owned by the fund and held by New Vision Trust Company.
  • Competitive fees.

Fund managers think of us as a bridge, connecting their fund to their investors’ retirement accounts.  At New Vision Trust Company:  We understand the unique needs of fund managers.  Our entire team has a positive can-do attitude.  Every member of our staff has the product knowledge and professionalism to provide your clients with a pleasant experience.  Our goal is to help you enhance your overall relationship with your clients.

New Vision Trust Company does not offer tax, legal or investment advice; nor do we sponsor or sell investments.  Therefore, we will not compete with you for your clients’ business and will serve as a third-party to your clients’ investment decisions.  We will work directly with you, staying within established boundaries regarding client contact, and help you provide even better service to fund investors.

New Vision Trust Company works with investment sponsors around the United States looking to expand their options by opening up their private offerings to investors retirement accounts.

As the investment sponsor, you find investors who may be interested in investing in their retirement accounts your offering.  We will then assist each of them in setting up and funding a New Vision Trust Company account.  Upon the direction of the account holder, New Vision Trust Company will then disperse funds to you for his or her investment.

New Vision Trust Company does not sell, recommend or endorse any type of investment.  Our clients have the ability and freedom to make their own investment decisions, including investments into alternative assets.

Alternative Assets in a Retirement Account:  Without the Red Tape

At New Vision Trust Company, we do not believe the custodial process should slow down or inhibit a client’s desire to participate in your offering, therefore we have created a streamlined solution to allow investors the most efficient access to your offering.


Investment Sponsors enjoy:

  • 48-hour custodial review
  • Customized paperwork
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Industry-leading efficiency


Your investors enjoy:

  • Live personal assistance
  • 24/7 online account access
  • Simplified paperwork process
  • Competitive rates

New Vision Trust Company is a passive Custodian.  We do not provide investment advice, nor will we compete with you for your clients’ business.  Instead we have created a simple, efficient platform to help you manage your client accounts.  Aggregated data and a portfolio-level overview of all accounts will be at your fingertips.

As a qualified custodian, New Vision Trust Company can also provide the custodial solutions, reporting and expertise you need in a wide variety of alternative asset classes.


Advisors have a large role to play in educating clients, start with self-direction

The 2007-2008 financial crisis has left investors, especially the Baby Boomers, worried and even some weakened.  The uncertainty of the stock market has made investors looking for other ways to grow their hard-earned money, whether it is for their personal or their retirement funds.  Offer your clients a way to truly diversify their retirement portfolios and expand their investment opportunities with self-direction.

If your clients ask about non-traditional or self-directed investments in their retirement account, are you prepared to answer them?  Make yourself a trusted source, learn about Self-Directed IRAs to be able to provide your clients all the tools they need for financial success.  Advisors have a large role to play in educating and assisting clients who have been saving for retirement and want to know more about the financial implications of transitioning from work to retirement.  This is assistance that few financial institutions or employers offer.

Whether you are a RIA, CFP, or CPA, your goal is to help your clients have a successful financial future.  Boost your practice and gain new clients and referrals through your knowledge of self-directed retirement plans.

Advantages for RIAs:

  • You will have a dedicated relationship manager for all of your needs.
  • Institutional pricing that provides reduced IRA fees for you and/or your clients.
  • Working with an established, recognized industry leader that understands your investment process.

New Vision Trust Company is a passive IRA Custodian.  We do not provide investment advice, nor will we compete with you for your clients’ business.

Need a home for your alternative assets?

Adding alternative assets to your platform can be a great tool for your advisors to offer clients true diversity, however subscribing to those alternative assets in a retirement portfolio can be cumbersome through your traditional clearing firm.  That’s where New Vision Trust Company comes in – we are your single-source solution for alternative asset custody.


Broker-Dealers can count on:

  • Acceptance of most private offerings
  • Industry-leading efficiency
  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • Aggregated online account access
  • Third-party technology integration