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With a New Vision Trust Company self-directed retirement account, you have the freedom to decide what to invest in.  American IRA serves as a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) providing educational and administrative services on behalf of the Custodian, New Vision Trust Company.  We work with you and your professionals to maximize the tax-deferred and tax-free potential of your retirement account.


New Vision Trust Company, a State Chartered South Dakota Trust Company is a full-service passive custodian that was created to bring sensibility to the investment process.  New Vision Trust Company has streamlined the investment process to give investors the tools they need to be flexible and profitable.  Our transactions are reviewed and audited internally as well as externally by the Banking Commissions in South Dakota and North Carolina, respectively.

Open a New Vision Trust Company Self-Directed IRA or Qualified Plan

Select the type of account that you would like to open. American IRA, LLC which is the third party administrator for New Vision Trust Company will help you throughout the entire process.

Fund Your Account

Move money into your account by transfer, rollover or contribution.

Select an Investment

Find an asset you want your IRA to purchase and submit an Investment Form. American IRA, LLC will work with you and your professionals for a smooth closing.

Provide Payment Authorization

Submit Payment Authorization Forms for expenses that pertain to the asset your IRA has purchased.

Submit Deposit Coupons

Deposit income generated from the asset your IRA purchased by submitting a Deposit Coupon along with the funds.