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Individual Investors

Invest in a wide variety of alternative assets not available through traditional banks and brokers.

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Advisors & Professionals

Access billions in retirement capital and stay ahead of the competition with New Vision Trust Company.

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Self-Directed retirement does not have to be complicated

Not sure where to start? Contact us, and we will help you understand how Self-Directed IRAs or qualified plans work. During our free one-on-one, no-obligation phone call, we will cover the basics of Self-Directed IRAs or qualified plans and determine if your investment strategy is possible with self-direction.

Work side-by-side

With a team you can trust

Industry Leader
in Alternative Assets

New Vision Trust Company is the premier provider of custodial services for alternative assets and other tax-advantaged, self-directed retirement accounts.

A Priority on
Personal Service

Our team of professionals understands the self-direction process first-hand. We are here to empower you in reaching your financial goals and to help you understand your investment options.

Easily Accessible

New Vision Trust Company Resources helps clients and professionals understand the broad spectrum of alternative investment options, including industry tips and strategies, as well as the benefits of self directed investing.