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New Vision Trust Company, a State Chartered South Dakota Trust Company, was established to provide custodial services for self-directed retirement and tax-advantages plans.  New Vision Trust Company can assist you in purchasing alternative investments with your retirement funds and administer the buying and selling of assets that are typically unavailable through banks and brokerage firms.  These assets include residential and commercial real estate, secured and unsecured notes, limited liability corporations, precious metals, mortgages and more.


As custodian, New Vision Trust Company works to provide you more time and freedom to determine your financial future through a wide array of tax-deferred or tax-free options.  New Vision Trust Company does not promote any investments, provide any advice and acts as a passive custodian only with the client in charge of their own investment decisions.  Rather, New Vision Trust Company strives to make self-direction straightforward and compliant.  We help you get started quickly and stay with you every step of the way.


Through live webinars, in-person educational events, as well as blogs and newsletters, we empower you to take charge of your retirement through the use of Self-Directed IRAs and tax-advantaged plans.  New Vision Trust Company does not affiliate itself with or make any recommendations to any person or entity associated with investments of any type, nor does it provide investment advice or endorse any products.

New Vision Trust Company is a full-service trust company that was created to bring sensibility to the investment process.  For too long the investment process has been a confusing system of paperwork and regulations that makes it difficult for independent investors to achieve their goals.  That’s obviously not for your benefit.  It is your money that you are investing, and you should have the versatility and freedom to do what you want.


Here at New Vision Trust Company we have streamlined the investment process to give investors the tools they need to be flexible and profitable.  Our Self-Directed IRA or qualified plan platform offers asset choices that go way beyond market-based products.  You now have the power to put your money in those investments which make sense to you personally, and you receive the control necessary to insure their profitability.  Different people have different strengths and expertise, and it makes sense that their investments should reflect those differences.  Whether you are comfortable with real estate, a specific business or product or even something speculative like Bitcoin, you now have the tools to take advantage.


New Vision Trust Company also aims to redefine the investment landscape by simplifying the process. Our client support was formulated with the sole intention of making your investment interactions easy and hassle free.  From our intuitive forms to our efficient staff, you will come to appreciate the empowerment that accompanies a productive system.


Call New Vision Trust Company today and find out how to start investing your way to success.

James C. Hitt – President/CEO


In 2004 Jim recognized the opportunity Self-Directed IRAs offered for individuals to invest their retirement accounts in “non” traditional assets and formed what is now American IRA, LLC.  New Vision Trust Company, a State Chartered South Dakota Trust Company was created in 2017 by Jim.  New Vision Trust Company is a full-service passive custodian that has streamlined the investment process to give investors the tools they need to be flexible and profitable.


In 2007, Jim obtained his Certified IRA Services Professionals (CISP) designation from the Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB), a nonprofit organization sponsored by the American Bankers Association (ABA), in Washington, DC.  Jim is attending the ABA Trust School’s classes in order to obtain his Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) designation.


He has taught investing techniques in North and South Carolina at UNC Asheville, AB Tech and Lorman Educational Services.  Experienced investor in the financing and acquisition of residential and commercial real estate, private offerings, mortgage lending, businesses, joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies and more.  Jim is an accredited investor.


Jim previously served as the President of CREIA, a non-profit real estate organization based in Asheville, NC.



James Riswold – Trust Officer

In addition to being a Board Member for New Vision Trust Company, Jim is a founding member and President of Corundum Trust Company in Sioux Falls, SD.  He earned his CTFA designation in 2005 and was appointed to the Governor’s Task Force on Trust Administration Review and Reform in 2017.  Jim has also served as a consultant for the formation of several other South Dakota trust companies, some of which he continues to serve as a member of their Board of Directors. He is a member of the Sioux Falls Estate Planning Council, the South Dakota Investment Society, the South Dakota School for the Deaf Foundation Board, and is an instructor for USA Archery’s Junior Olympic Archery Development program.



Tim Kuhman – Director

Tim Kuhman has served as the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for The Kingdom Trust Company since its inception in 2010.  Having also served as General Counsel to Equity Trust Company, he brings 15 years of experience to the self-directed retirement investing and trust industries.  That experience includes helping to build a de novo trust company from the ground up under the laws of South Dakota and assisting in the development of such companies in Tennessee and New Mexico.


His positions require him to be well-versed in the regulatory regimes that govern both South Dakota Trust Companies and the self-directed investing world.


He serves as a subject matter expert in self-directed retirement accounts and self-directed investing for Kingdom’s customer service, operations and business development groups.  He is a frequent speaker on webinars and live events covering self-directed retirement accounts and self-directed retirement investing topics nationwide.


Tim is a graduate of Southwest Missouri State University (now known as Missouri State University) and the University of Toledo, College of Law.  In addition to practicing law, he has taught a variety of business and law related courses at the high school, collegiate and graduate school levels.  He has also coached Track and Cross Country at both the high school and intercollegiate levels.


New Vision Trust Company Current Regulations

New Vision Trust Company operates in a regulated environment.  The company recognizes all current regulations and has developed good relationships with the governmental agencies and departments involved in oversight of the industry and charges with ensuring those under their jurisdiction comply with appropriate laws and regulations.


Rules and Regulations of South Dakota Trust

As a South Dakota-chartered trust company, New Vision Trust Company must comply with that state’s laws and regulations in regard to establishing situs, including:

  • Maintaining office space in South Dakota.  New Vision Trust Company maintains office space in Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Holding board meetings.  New Vision Trust Company holds no less than two governing board meetings with a majority physically present in South Dakota annually.
  • Employing, engaging or contracting with at least one trust officer or key employee physically in South Dakota.
  • Perform trust administration in South Dakota.  New Vision Trust Company conducts specific trust administration duties at our Sioux Falls, SD office.


In compliance with SDCL section 51A-6A-11.1, at least three of the following services are conducted wholly or partly in South Dakota for the accounts under administration, or custody of New Vision Trust Company:

  • Annual account reviews.
  • Annual investment reviews.
  • Trust accountings.
  • Account correspondence.
  • Completing trust account tax returns.
  • Distributing account statements.


In compliance with SDCL section 51A-6A-11.1, New Vision Trust Company’s office space shall:

  • Be in premises distinct and divided from the office space of any other entity.
  • Have the name New Vision Trust Company, the trust company’s charter and certificate of authority of the trust company prominently displayed.
  • Have access to premises in or adjacent to the office space to facilitate on site examinations by the division.
  • To the extent that New Vision Trust Company maintains hard copies of any documents required to be maintained pursuant to SDCL section 51A-6A-30, have a secure fireproof file cabinet that contains all such hard copies.


Patriot Act and CIP Compliance

New Vision Trust Company fully complies with the policies and procedures set forth by the USA Patriot Act.  The United States Government first enacted this federal statute in 2001, but it was updated in 2006.  The Secretary of the Treasury’s authority was expanded by the Act to impose regulations on financial transactions, specifically transactions involving foreign individuals and/or entities.  The goal of the Act is to identify money-laundering transactions (or potential transactions).  To do so, the Act requires specific individual disclosures for all new accounts.  New Vision Trust Company is required to identify any and all of the nominal and beneficial owners of all accounts and to verify identity in full compliance of the Act and by the corresponding custodial bank.


New Vision Trust Company policies also require adherence to the Bank Secrecy Act, which entails providing the minimum information this act requires regarding prospective clients.  New Vision Trust Company operates in compliance with the Customer Identification Program (CIP) rule.  This applies to custodial banks when opening accounts within the meaning or 31 CFR 103.121.  The CIP’s intention is to allow custodians to find a reasonable belief that they know the true identity of all customers.  To do so, New Vision Trust Company requires a copy of the account owner’s driver’s license or passport.  Insufficient proof of the prospective client’s identity through non-documentary methods mandates the custodian’s requirement of a copy of the driver’s license or passport.


New Vision Trust Company employs a firm Privacy Policy along with a terms and conditions agreement to protect our clients.  All customer information is confidential.


Internal Revenue Service, Internal Revenue Code

Retirement accounts were created by the Employee’s Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  Provisions of ERISA are categorized in Chapter 26 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).  IRC sections 401, 408 and 4975 are some of the most pertinent.  Code requirements of custodians include but are not limited to:

  • Utilize form 5305-A for the account agreement.
  • Create annual reports using form 5498 to report the fair market value of each IRA’s assets.
  • Report the IRA owner’s amount of required minimum distributions.


Trust Office Address

New Vision Trust Company

401 E. 8th Street, Suite 200R

Sioux Falls, SD 57103

With a New Vision Trust Company self-directed retirement account, you have the freedom to decide what to invest in.  American IRA serves as a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) providing educational and administrative services on behalf of the Custodian, New Vision Trust Company.  We work with you and your professionals to maximize the tax-deferred and tax-free potential of your retirement account.


New Vision Trust Company, a State Chartered South Dakota Trust Company is a full-service passive custodian that was created to bring sensibility to the investment process.  New Vision Trust Company has streamlined the investment process to give investors the tools they need to be flexible and profitable.  Our transactions are reviewed and audited internally as well as externally by the Banking Commissions in South Dakota and North Carolina, respectively.