Financial Advisors

Empower your clients to expand into alternative assets with our best-in-class custodial solutions

The uncertainty of the stock market has left investors looking for other ways to grow their hard-earned money, whether it is for their personal or their retirement funds.

Advisors have a large role to play in educating clients, starting with alternative assets. The 2007-2008 financial crisis has left investors, especially the Baby Boomers, worried and weakened. Offer your clients a way to truly diversify their retirement portfolios and expand their investment opportunities with alternative assets.

Embracing self-directed investment strategies can enable you to:

  • Diversify client portfolios more effectively
  • Build stronger, more loyal client relationships
  • Set your services apart from the competition
  • Elevate your role as a trusted financial advisor

If your clients ask about non-traditional or self-directed investments in their retirement account, are you prepared to answer them? Make yourself a trusted source, by learning about Self-Directed IRAs, in order to provide your clients all the tools they need for financial success. Advisors have a large role to play in educating and assisting clients who have been saving for retirement and want to know more about the financial implications of transitioning from work to retirement. This is assistance that few financial institutions or employers offer.

Whether you are a RIA, CFP, or CPA, your goal is to help your clients have a successful financial future. Boost your practice and gain new clients and referrals through your knowledge of self-directed retirement plans.

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