Investment Sponsors

Allow investors to participate in your offering with their retirement accounts

New Vision Trust Company works with investment sponsors around the United States looking to expand their options by opening up their private offerings to investors retirement accounts.

As the investment sponsor, you find investors who may be interested in investing in their retirement accounts your offering. We will then assist each of them in setting up and funding a New Vision Trust Company account. Upon the direction of the account holder, New Vision Trust Company will then disperse funds to you for his or her investment.

New Vision Trust Company does not sell, recommend or endorse any type of investment. Our clients have the ability and freedom to make their own investment decisions, including investments into alternative assets.

Investment sponsors enjoy

  • 48-hour custodial review
  • Customized paperwork
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Industry-leading efficiency

Your investors enjoy

  • Live personal assistance
  • 24/7 online account access
  • Simplified paperwork process
  • Competitive rates

Alternative assets in a retirement account, without the red tape.

At New Vision Trust Company, we do not believe the custodial process should slow down or inhibit a client’s desire to participate in your offering, therefore we have created a streamlined solution to allow investors the most efficient access to your offering.

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