Fund Managers

Industry leading custodial services for fund managers

New Vision Trust Company helps private funds and organizations meet custody rule requirements. Many issuers of private funds have elected to use an independent, qualified custodian to meet such requirements.

Even funds exempt from the rule often involve a qualified custodian to add a degree of separation and level of transparency and accountability required by institutional and ultra-high net worth clients. Fund managers think of us as a bridge, connecting their fund to their investors' retirement accounts.

Ongoing Custodial Services

  • Monitor, maintain, and dispose of assets as directed
  • Timely and accurate records of all asset transactions
  • Preparation and delivery of detailed investor statements
  • Cooperation with auditors for asset verification
  • Competitive fees for comprehensive service

At New Vision Trust Company, we understand the unique needs of fund managers. Our entire team has a positive can-do attitude. Every member of our staff has the product knowledge and professionalism to provide your clients with a pleasant experience. Our goal is to help you enhance your overall relationship with your clients.

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